What I Wore in Barcelona

We recently visited Barcelona for the weekend, well we had two days of traveling and one full day exploring. I spend so much time planning my outfits for the trips that I go on, so I am really excited to share what I packed. I always go for comfort when I’m travelling simply because I want to be cozy and comfortable and I DO NOT sit still during my flight!

Day 0 – Travel Day

I would definitely say this is my go-to travel outfit. It’s super simple and easy to throw on and you would probably see me wearing outfits like this on a daily basis.

Night 1 – Hard Rock Cafe

We only JUST managed to make it in time for our reservation due to delays so it was a quick 15 minute get ready for us! This is another super simple outfit, mixing both casual and smart to make (in my opinion) the perfect look for a chilled meal and cocktails.

Day 2 – Exploring Barcelona

Our first and only full day in Barcelona was spent exploring Sagrada Familia and the streets and buildings around it. I wanted to be super comfy because I knew that I would be out walking all day. We were really taken aback by the weather though as it was meant to be thunderstorms all day but we were hit with beautiful sunshine!

Night 2 – Shoko & Barcelona Beach

For our last evening spent in this beautiful city, we wanted to go for a more fancy meal to finish off our trip with some bubbles and beautiful food. I was definitely trying to recreate the “??” emoji here but I also wanted to have a dress that gave me some breathing room because you know your girl LOVES her some food and that food baby did not want to be on display!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see in this post. I’m always here for a chat!

I hope this helps if you were curious about my outfits whilst we were in Barcelona. You know I love sharing my looks and finds with you all!

Alice xoxo


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