24 Hours in Barcelona

When you go to Barcelona, you obviously always think of the Sagrada Familia, the beach and of course, the Spanish sun. The Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s main attraction I would say, I mean it’s one of the most picturesque spots I’ve seen! However, there are other spots around the city that are a must see.

Gaudi Avenue

You should definitely make some time to walk this avenue which is packed with Spanish restaurants and cafes. Maybe even grab yourself some ice cream while you’re at it… we did and it had to be some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had!

Gaudi Avenue starts in front of the unfinished church and ends at L’Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

Visit Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

At the end of Gaudi Avenue, you will find Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. This is a truly beautiful cultural attraction after undertaking years and years of restoration. You have the option to take either a guided tour with one of the well knowledged members of staff, or take self guided like we did and explore at your own pace.

Visit the Sagrada Familia

Of course you have to visit the Sagrada Familia! The church, built by Gaudi himself, is the reason why Barcelona is one of the top destinations for a city break in Europe. If you plan on going, then I really recommend you buy your tickets in advance as they were all sold out when we went to book the week before we travelled!

The Sagrada Familia is also one of the top photo ops I found whilst being in Barcelona. Be prepared to wait for your turn though and make sure you have your poses ready as people do get inpatient.

Food & Drink

Obviously you have to make sure that you grab some food whilst you’re exploring a new city. We planned ahead for our main meals on the first and second evening but decided to find a local restaurant whilst wandering Gaudi Avenue.

Hard Rock Cafe

Neither of us had been to a Hard Rock Cafe before and decided it was a must for our first meal in Barcelona! If you’re looking for a place full of atmosphere with amazing food and cocktails… then this is the place for you!!

Be warned though, the portions are HUGE and really took us by surprise!


We wanted to go a little bit more “up market” for our final evening in Barcelona and decided upon Shoko. Restaurant in the early evening turned nightclub late at night, the aesthetics is truly astounding. The restaurant seating all backs out onto Barcelona beach where you can watch the waves come and go, but be careful of the Lucky Lucky Men, they will try and sell to you through the window!

The food was truly beautiful and to top it off, the cocktails were BANGING! For the quality of the food it was really reasonably priced and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to go to Barcelona.


There are SO MANY bakeries floating around the city of Barcelona. The size of their croissants… just WOW! You really are spoilt for choice.

I would say that you HAVE to find a local bakery whilst you are in Barcelona. We went for breakfast one morning, mind you we did over indulge a little but you’re on holiday, right?

If you have any questions about my trip to Barcelona, please drop me a comment.

Alice xoxo


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