St. Moriz Clear Tanning Mousse Review

Ahhhhh, my first ever review!

As many of you know, I have been fake tanning for around 9 years now and it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share. I will admit though, with the amount of tan I actually use, I don’t like to fork out that much… which is why I was so pleased when I fell across this wee beauty!

St. Moriz Medium Dark Clear Mousse

Your skin naturally becomes dryer in the autumn/winter seasons due to drop in temperature. This product provides extra moisture as it includes Vitamin E.

St. Moriz Medium Dark Mousse delivers a natural looking deep tan with a flawless finish that develops throughout the day (around 10 hours depending on how dark you like your tan). This means you’re able to achieve a streak free tan whilst increasing your skin’s moisture levels.

The no mess formula means you can glow on the go without fear of tan transfer… and let me tell you, this means EVERYTHING to me! I have to have white bed sheets so this mixed with being a tan-aholic does not bode well!

Get The Body Gift Set & Body Bronzer & Highlighter

During the party season, I was very kindly gifted the St. Moriz Get The Body Gift Set (includes Gradual Clear Tanning Mousse and Mitt) and the Body Bronzer & Highlighter.

How I get my winter glow

To see how I achieve my full winter glow, head to my Instagram!

Lots of love,

Alice xoxo


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